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it's hard to squeeze in reading time during the summer. so much going on...  and my kids think if i sit down to read that it means they have to instantly get bored out of their minds. oh well. i can still sneak in a good 30 minutes at night before i doze off and the book smashes down on my face. (now if that doesn't make you jump, i don't know what does. haha)

by Julie Otsuka

4 stars. this book was a little slow for me at first, but it had me sucked in by the end. it was very interesting to learn about how the Japanese-Americans were viewed and treated here during the 2nd World War. i think i'd be interested in reading another book about this if anyone knows of a good one??
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The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers
by Harry Bernstein

4.5 stars. the author was in his 90's when he decided to write this book about his childhood. living in England during the World War I he tells about his street that is separated by an "invisible wall"... the Jewish families on one side and the Christian families on the other.
now i look forward to reading "The Dream" which is a continuation of his story here in the US.
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The Dovekeepers: A Novel
by Alice Hoffman

4 stars. i wouldn't say this is necessarily an easy read. (for me at least) but i did enjoy the book. i loved getting to know each of the women in the book and how their lives intertwined with each other.

have you been reading this summer?? anything good?
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