[arts & crafts] tp roll snakes


we got the idea for these cute googly-eyed reptiles here.

• tp or paper towel rolls
• wrapping paper roll
• paints + paintbrushes
• googly-eyes
• skewer or end of paintbrush
• scissors
• glue

• If you're using paper towel rolls, cut them into thirds first. Otherwise, get to painting!
• Do the insides and out. 
• Let dry.
• Starting at one end, cut the tube all the way around (in a coil) to the other end.
• Place your snake onto a wrapping paper roll and decorate. We made the polka dots with the blunt end of the skewer. You can also use the end of a paintbrush. 

While your design is drying, paint one tip of the coil red.
Once that is dry, cut out a notch to make the tongue.
Then glue on your googly-eyes.

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