(on the road) keeping the backseat drivers happy

we have some long hours to spend in the car this summer...
as (i'm sure) most of you do.

this particular road trip will include:
a 10 year old
a 9 year old
a 6 year old
a 4 year old
a 2 year old
a 10 month old

so, i wanted to be prepared with some snacks (and individual trash bags)
and a little something for them to do.

here's what i put together....

i used:
clear hinged containers from orson gygi
white cardstock
letters to make the kids names from magazine clippings
a capri sun
fruit mentos
a bag of chips
cheese and crackers
color wonder activity
a gallon sized ziplock (for trash)

here are a few other ideas i found around the web.

Photobucket  Photobucket

travel games + travel rewards over at prepared not scared

happy travels!!

. . .

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