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We want to introduce you to Vtech's latest electronic learning toys... the Switch & Go Dinos!! We recently received two for our boys to play with and they were a big hit.

These new toys switch back and forth between vehicle and dino all the while presenting your child with interesting and fun dinosaur facts. Other great features...
  • Each toy has an LCD screen for customizable animation. Kids personalize the toy by selecting animated dinosaur eyes when in dinosaur form, and driver faces when in vehicle form. 
  • The dinosaur and vehicle sound effects bring the toys to life.
  • In dinosaur mode, action buttons trigger interesting facts about each dinosaur as they come to life, exclaiming up to 30 expressions.
  • Transformation is easy, so your child won't get frustrated.

The four Starter Dinos include...
Tonn the Stegasaurus, Sliver the T-Rex, Horns the Triceratops and T-Don the Pteranodon.

If there aren't any young dinosaur loving kiddos in your home right now, these would make great gifts for a nephew, grandson or a friend's child. (little sisters even enjoy them)


You can buy today on Amazon and beginning June 18th, you can buy them at VTechKids.com for only $15.99.

All Switch & Go Dinos will be at major retailers beginning in Fall 2012, including the four Starter Dinos, as well as Attila the AnkylosaurusSpan the Spinosaurus and Brok the Brachiosaurus

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