Mother's Day Print

want to fill your 16x20 frame with a beautiful quote about Moms?
  are you looking for a last minute gift idea for the Mother's in your life?
 maybe we can help you out today...  :)

this gift cost less than $15 dollars to put together.
a pretty frame from Target
 the quote printed at Costco
and then i added a few random strips of washi tape.

 i also made a gift bag with the print
once i had the print saved on my computer i printed it as a 5x7 on white carstock on my home printer. (i had to unclick "fit picture to frame" to get the whole thing to print)
i backed that with a piece of kraft paper and used glue dots to attached it to a .99 cent bag from Target. then i took a bunch of random ribbons, twines and tulle and made a bow to add some fluff.
you could also use these to make gift tags and Mother's day cards too!

(these are sized at 16x20's, but can also be printed as 8x10's)
we have lots of pretty colors for you to choose from... hope you can put them to good use!
blue : green : grey : lavender : pink

. . .

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