2012 graduation subway art

do you have a 2012 graduate?

there are a lot of graduations that go on now days...
preschool graduations
kindergarten graduations
5th grade graduations
middle school graduations
high school graduations
and college graduations
(did i miss any?)

so hopefully a lot of you can put this subway art to good use! 

we have a few options for you...

you can download the black and white subway art (without the black borders)
or you can download the six cards on an 8x10
or you can change the colors, using this psd subway art
(if you'd like the directions for changing the colors, read this post. and yes, in the directions i misspelled tassel.. oops)

the graduation subway art will print perfectly as a 16x20 or 8x10
you can print it as a 5x7 (from a photo lab) like i did for this project.
you will lose the white space from the sides (which probably wouldn't work in a frame)
but it still works great here...

TO MAKE THIS PROJECT:  cut and fold black cardstock then attach the subway art to the front. trim a sheet of white cardstock for the inside. for some extra umph... i cut a scalloped frame out with the silhouette and wrapped black ribbon around my gift. 

. . . . .

Find an Update for 2014 HERE!
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