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Hi I'm Jen from JK JK and I'm so excited to be here at eighteen25 today.  These ladies never seem to run out of fabulous ideas!

My blog, JK JK, is a lifestyle blog with inspirational ideas for crafty living.  I love snow cones, libraries, elephants, and a good dance party.  But enough about me, let's get to crafting...
I love finding inexpensive ways to decorate my house.  This project only cost me $2.54.  I think it adds lots of personality to an otherwise boring wall.  And it was so easy to do.

Tutorial: Painted Wall Frames

Paint brushes (a few different sizes)
Items from around the house to trace

1.  Find a boring, blank wall.  Everybody has one :).  I chose the little space between my daughter's room and her bathroom.
2.  Gather a few good shapes to trace onto your wall.  These traced shapes will be your frames.  I used a couple picture frames, some books, and an old shoe box.
3.  Grab a pencil and start tracing shapes for your frames.  I'd suggest starting with the bigger shapes.  Then fill in the spaces around the big shapes with smaller ones.  This can be a little tricky, but don't worry.  If you don't like what you see, just erase it and start over. 
4.  Now it's time to start painting.  Yippee!  I used a few different sizes of brushes to help vary the width of my frames.  It also helps to have a little inspiration as you complete this step.  I really like the frames found here and here.
5.  Stand back every once in a while to check your progress.  Make changes if needed.
6.  Once all the frames are painted, you're done!  Stand back and admire your awesome (not so boring) wall.

I was planning on hanging something in each frame, but I kind of like how it looks with the frames empty.  I might add something someday, but I'll save that for another post.

If you're looking for more inexpensive ways to decorate, check out my post on Nail and String Letters.

Thanks so much eighteen25!  You ladies are the best.

. . . . . .

I've found my boring, blank wall and I'm ready to make it AWESOME!
Have you found yours?
Be sure to check out all that Jen has going on over at JK JK...
she has really great taste and if you're lucky...
you'll get a peek or two at her little cutie!

Thanks for sharing this fun tutorial with us today Jen!

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