[our friday five] jennifer edition


 it's me jen... and it's my day to chat about whatever 5 things my little heart desires. :)

01 | Emergen-C i love you.
there has been 1 person sick in my family every week for the last 5 weeks. it's almost becoming comical. so far (knock on wood) with emergen-c as my best friend i have been the only one to remain healthy. but if monday comes around and someone tells me they are not feeling good... i. think. i. am. going. to. lose. my. mind! (what's left of it)

i'm just loving this idea from Marie from make and takes. what i think is hilarious though is that when i found the idea on pinterest it said in the description leprechaun floats, which i think will be the perfect little dessert on st. patrick day. but when i clicked over to her website i found out that these were actually yoda sodas from her adorable star wars party she had for her son.

03 | The Hunger Games Movie
i'm just so excited. i might attempt a midnight showing and see if i can stay awake through the whole thing.  unlikely... but worth a try. :)

04 | my friend carol's scrapbook layout
i had to give up scrapbooking pictures a couple years ago (don't worry i still buy lots of pretty paper) because frankly it made me very cranky and stressed. haha. but i still love to look at other people's pretty pages like my IRL friend carol's. i [love] this one!

05 | i love GOOD news!
read about some great news here.

now... go have yourself a great weekend!!!

. . . .

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