[birthday week] brown paper packages

we're kicking off a week full of birthday fun today...

brown paper packages

i thought this would be a fun gift for a girlfriend.
and then i realized that it could be a fun gift for just about anyone!

a brown paper package
tied up with strings...
filled full of some of your favorite things!!

fill one up for your sister, teacher, mother, neighbor...
or with some different papers, your child can pick out some of their favorites to give to a friend.

• brown paper bag
• 12x12 sheet of patterned paper (cut 2 4x12 strips and tape them together to go all the way around the bag)
• washi tape (stuck right down the center of paper)
• paper doily
• happy birthday tag (found HERE)
• and your favorites!!

tomorrow's a day you won't want to miss...
giveaways galore!!

. . . . . . .

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