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Hi there, this is Christene {WhipperBerry Contributor} here visiting with the lovely and talented ladies of Eighteen25 to tell you a little bit about Tom Bird’s Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreats and host a little Giveaway.

There are a few things you need to know about me:

I’m a busy mother of four…
I’ve got my hands in more pies than I can count…
I love to dance when no one is watching…
I can read a good book in a day (but don’t check on my dishes!)…
And I’m a writer….

Like so many of you, I put writing on my Bucket List and thought of it as a SOMEDAY thing…you know – like someday I’ll run the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, someday I’ll bask in the Tuscan sun while tasting Gelato, and someday I’ll write that novel that’s been kicking around in my head since I was eight years old…seriously. We say we don’t have time, money, degrees or a current thesaurus - whatever works to keep ourselves from jumping in with both feet.

What if I told you, you could write your book in a long weekend? Three intense, enjoyable, life changing days of writing? Some of you would roll your eyes. Others would mutter, “Impossible!” But I’m here to tell you, in the time you spend pinning everyday, you could have your book done and ready to be published. Seriously.

Now let me tell you a little bit about the man behind the method. Tom Bird has been in the publishing business for 30+ years, has 24 published books behind him including Call of the Writer’s Craft and Write to Heal, and has given over 4,000 lectures nationwide. Tom’s focus is to help writer’s get in touch with the Author Within, that divine within each of us that is waiting for you to put pen to paper and bring out the books waiting to be birthed. Using his focused method 98% of writers who attend his retreats leave with their books completed in just 3 days.

I am one of those writers. In November I attended Tom’s retreat and wrote not one, but two books. Tom Bird’s method not only works but is hands down the only way to go for a writer. With his guidance, my first novel, “Nowhere Else to Run” is due out April 2012! Be on the lookout for the next great read of the summer!

So…to the 80% of the population that NY Times poll says wants to write a book, this Giveaway is for you.

Tom Bird is taking his Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreats nationwide. If you have a desire to write, there is a retreat near you and if we haven’t made it to your neck of the woods yet, you can participate in the retreats remotely from your own home.

Today, we’re offering a retreat for $295 – that’s over 80% savings off the price of the retreat to one lucky Eighteen25 reader! 


In addition, the next 10 people to sign up for a retreat before Monday 12pm PST (no matter where it is in the nation) will receive a $700 discount from the price of the retreat. Mention Discount Code 1825 when registering at 928.203.0265.

There are seven ways to enter – don’t miss a single one to better your chances of being the big winner!

2. Follow Tom on Twitter
3. Download Tom’s: Write to Heal for FREE and come let us know you did.
5. Like my FB page and SHARE on your page
7. Follow me on Twitter

good luck!
we will announce the winner on sunday!

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