{giveaway} pocket full of posies

if you are like me, you cringe when you think about...
"what's for dinner!"
why is it, that the only thing that sounds good at that time is take out?
probably because i'm not prepared, a bit worn out & the ice box is lacking groceries.

maybe you are not like me?
if you are....let me introduce you to...

Pocket Full of Posies Pocket Meal Planning

a genius idea whipped up by two sisters.
Profile Picture of Cammie & Emily
(aren't they cute!)

there is still a little preperation involved,
but i will tell you...no brain work.
they have done it all!

all you need to do is...

pick your system.
 want to plan for a week? or a month?
(and select your pocket design)

select your recipes.
(below is an example of the yummy recipes)

shop off the ingredient list.  
every ingredient you'll need for each recipe is on the back of each card.
so, when the children start yelling at you because they are starving...
you can tell them....dinner is almost done!

would like to give one of you....
a dinner planning system in the pocket design of your choice!

to enter:
head over to their facebook page and "like" them.  you can say hello from us too!
and for an additional entry:

good luck!
we will announce the winner on sunday.

p.s.  if you are just itchin' to get your hands on your pocket meal planning system, 
the girls are offering all eighteen25 readers 15% off your order through the end of february.
use code 15off at checkout.

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