{giveaway} DownEast Basics

when you are on the hunt for new clothing for yourself,
where do you start your search?
(besides good ol' target)

i have been on the hunt for a new dress.
for a very long time...
every time i head somewhere to look,
i get frustrated because they are SO expensive, too short, sleeveless and just not what i'm looking for.
(so, i shop for my kids instead.) 

then, i took my search to...

i'm sure you have heard of them.
and if you haven't, you'll thank me for introducing you.

look what i found...

(yes, that is me, jodie...i look quite a bit different than i do on the sidebar.)

i fell in love with the dress when i saw it here,
but was still a little uneasy about how much i would like it after i saw it in person.
to be honest...i think i liked it even more.
it has pockets, little ties on the arms and the skirt is so full.
the quality is top notch
and i have gotten so many compliments!

this is not the only cute thing DownEast is making....


and because swim suit season is right around the corner (oh dear)...

here are a few of my favorites...


want to hear something exciting?

DownEast wants to give one of you... something new!
{any (one) item of your choice.}

here's how to enter:
 (you MUST be an eighteen25 follower to win.)

1.  "pin" your one favorite item from DownEast Basics (on pinterest) and comment here telling us which item you picked.

and for an additional entry:

good luck!
we will announce the winner on sunday.

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