Holiday To-Do List

i'm sure you know by now that the three of us have a thing for to-do lists.
crossing items off as you go feels like a pretty good accomplishment.

last year we shared our holiday plans list and this year we wanted to switch thing up a little bit. you'll notice the new list matches our christmas subway art.

the holiday to-do list

what you'll need:
  • an 11 3/4" x 36" frame
  • (2) 12x18 striped papers (download HERE)
  • (1) 8x12 holiday to-do topper (download HERE)
  • tape
  • black permanent marker
  • black wipe board marker
you may need to trim some of the sides of the paper to fit into your frame. lie the papers behind the glass, tape the sheets together and replace the back of the frame.

then, using your permanent marker, make a list on top of the glass of all the fun holiday things you can think of to get done. you'll enjoy making memories AND crossing things off as you go.
*the permanent marker will wipe off using a glass cleaner.


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