having fun with Rit Dye...

recently, we had the opportunity to play around with some Rit Dye.
remember that stuff?
tie dyed shirts ring a bell??

well, tie dyeing shirts is not all you can do...
  Rit Dye is going to be one of our new craft staples... right up there with glitter and spray paint!!

so. much. fun.

take a look at our first project:

see those cute wooden clothespins? 
yes, we dyed them with Rit!

here's what we did:
first:  we filled a plastic container about 1 1/2 " high of hot water & added aprox. 1/4 c. of Rit Dye.

second:  throw in your wooden clothespins and leave them in about 15-20 min.  
(the longer they stay in the darker they will get.)

third:  remove them when they are just the perfect color and let them air dry on a towel.

fourth:  we used glitter glue pens to jazz them up a bit.  (there isn't much we do that doesn't involve glitter.)

fifth:  let them dry completely before you decide what to do with them.  do you...

glue a magnet on the back and use them to hang important notes and photos....

or do you...

hang some bias tape or cute twine to display this years Christmas cards?

what will you do with yours?


our next project is too sweet to pass up.
if you do not have a little baby in your home...
hunt one down!

because any little tiny thing we dipped in dye turned out so sweet!

just look at these burp cloths...

here's what we did:
first:  fill up your sink with hot water about 1/4 way high.  add 1/3 c. of Rit Dye.

second:  wet your burp cloth (cloth diaper) first, then submerge in the water/dye mixture

third:  stir constantly for about 10 min.  when your cloth is the perfect color, rinse with water until it drips clear.

fourth:  let dry. 

fifth:  have fun adding whatever cute embellishments of your choice.

but who can resist messy flowers??
so, that's just what we did! 

would you like to get creative with Rit Dye?

they want to give one of our readers the entire Rit Dye Liquid Color Line!

here's how to enter:
it's VERY easy!

then, come back here and leave us a comment!

good luck!
winner will be announced tuesday.

a few other places you'll want to check out:

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