hand print turkey family

when it comes to thanksgiving decorations, i'm really lacking. we have a few little pumpkins and our new fall subway art and that's about it.

so, this weekend, we got the whole family involved and made a cute little turkey wall hanging.
(the hubby let me trace his hand and that was all the fun he could handle)

white cardstock
a roll of kraft gift wrap
crayons or colored pencils
glue stick
11 3/4 x 36" frame (same frame we use for the summer/holiday to-do list)

trace hand prints onto white cardstock... color your turkey... cut it out... make sure to include his/her feet and red dangler thing... cut out enough kraft paper to fill your frame... adhere your turkeys using the glue stick... cut a strip of cardstock and write down everyone's names and attach underneath... easy, right? we thought so. :)

*also check out our friend Malinda's version here. so cute!

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