christmas pure + simple nativity

we wanted to make something kind of BIG to help remind us what Christmas means to us.
using the nativity and one of our favorite christmas sayings, we came up with this fun project. 
it only looks like a lot of work. we promise it was pretty easy.
especially if you have a silhouette to help you cut out the vinyl stencils.
(of course, you can always make your own stencil by printing out an image found on the internet and cutting it out with an x-acto knife.)



  • 4 - 6x1 boards cut down to 20" each
  • 2 - 19" - 5/8 x 1 3/8  strips of wood
  • wood glue
  • sander or sand paper
  • screws + screwdriver
  • stain (we used a dark walnut)
  • foam brush + old rag (for the stain)
  • vinyl + transfer paper
  • nativity (we cut out the nativity silhouette from the silhouette online store)
  • acrylic craft paint (the colors we used are martha stewart - jonquil and surf)
  • brushes

STEP ONE: sand down all of your boards to get rid of any rough edges.
STEP TWO: line up your 20" boards. then attach your 5/8 x 1 3/8 strips with wood glue and screws. screwing into each of the boards to hold them securely in place.

STEP THREE: using a foam brush, brush on the stain then wipe with an old rag. 
STEP FOUR: while that is drying, cut out your words onto the vinyl. the Christmas font is lobster and size is 400pt. the pure & simple font is acknowledgement and the size is 155pt. remove the words and cover with the transfer paper. apply the vinyl to the bottom board using a scraper. remove the transfer paper.   

STEP FIVE: paint over your vinyl stencil, let dry and then remove vinyl. 
STEP SIX: we got the nativity silhouette from the silhouette online store. we made it about 14.5" x 14" and since it wouldn't fit on one sheet of vinyl, we cut it out twice. first the left side and then the right. remove the nativity part and line the two pieces up, attaching them together with the transfer paper. then apply the vinyl to the boards and remove the transfer paper.
STEP SEVEN: paint over your vinyl stencil, let dry and remove vinyl.

now as things start to get crazy busy, don't forget to stop and remember the real reason for celebrating Christmas. :)

** for those of you with other cutting machines Lori sells the nativity image HERE in SVG and DXF formats! **
(this project was origanally shared on i am momma hear me roar's CHRISTmas series)

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