{giveaway} $200 Target Gift Card from Hometalk

wanna do some target shopping?
(who doesn't, right?)

hometalk is giving one of our readers a $100.00 gift card!
and to sweeten the deal...
if we get 500 entries they will up it to a $200.00 gift card! 

who are these cool people at hometalk you ask?

"hometalk is a community of regular folks and home improvement pros who love to talk
about home improvement. the site exists for one simple reason: to make home improvement easier and better for you."

  • get (almost) instant answers to questions about your home & garden.
  • search photos and tips for inspiration and information.
  • post photos and grow a fan base for your very own house.
  • once and for all, get real & reliable reviews of local contractors.
  • see tips from local businesses.
  • and all for free!
here's how to enter:
check out the featured hometalkers and come back to tell us who your favorite hometalker is....that's it!

for additional entries:
(both additional entries are optional but do boost your chances of winning...oh yah!)
((so make sure you leave a comment for each.))

winner will be announced on sunday!
good luck!!

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