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Hey Eighteen25 readers! I'm so excited to be back again for this years Spooktacular September! My name is Ellie G and I blog over at Less Cake {more frosting}. I love being creative, drinking Diet Coke, eating sugary snacks, and going to Disneyland. I have been a LONG TIME fan of the Eighteen25 girls. They are so amazing! One of my everyday reads.

I can't believe Halloween is upon us. I just barely got the swimsuits washed out for the last time. Nevertheless, I'm ready to go. This time I went to the craft store. Okay. To be honest it was the Hobby Lobby. I might want to move in there. Just sayin'. I have decided that I want to attempt a primarily Black & White Halloween this year. So I knew I needed a few new things to fill in where I'll be editing orange decor. I looked through the Halloween stuff. And just couldn't find what I wanted. You'll never guess where most of my projects came from....the Christmas aisles! Yep. I was raiding the stuff right next to Rudolph. I think it's gonna be a secret between just you and me. Black is VERY "in" for Christmas decor. So I had lots of things to choose from. Bonus!


We're gonna do "Oh Christmas Tree", Halloween style. If Jack Skellington can do can I! Start with a can of spray paint primer and a can of Glossy Black. (I also used some gray). Then get:
  • Grapevine Tree Form
  • Terra Cotta pot
  • Styrofoam Ball
  • Clearance Vase
  • Sticks from a tree. No leaves.
Spray paint everything. Prime first. You'll never regret it.

Tree #1 is a Halloween topiary.
  • Get a dowel and stick it into the base of your spray painted ball.
  • Hot glue it so it doesn't wiggle.
  • Then take it outside and spray paint the dowel. (doing it in this order also gets the glue on the base sprayed. Just makes it super clean looking)

Buy some inexpensive plastic beading. Where? You guessed it. Christmas aisle.
  • Hot glue the first few beads and let it dry well. (this will make your life easier....I promise)
  • Then wrap the beads around the circle, gluing as you go.
  • I spray painted my pot black first, and then put some vinyl decorations on it.
  • Then I sprayed again in white.
  • When the vinyl is removed, you have a perfect little decoration on your pot. It's fabulous!

Tree #2 will be made with your sticks.
  • Get your spray painted sticks and put them into your spray painted vase.
  • Secure them in some floral foam. Preferably with some hot glue. They like to move around.
  • Find some small black ornaments to glue in the branches. (these are glittered styrofoam balls. Where? Say it together, class......THE CHRISTMAS AISLE!)
  Tree #3 is your grapevine one.
  • It just needs to be sprayed.
  • And wrapped with a few of your left over topiary beads. Easy Peasy!

  Look at the scary decor I have to add to my Halloween display. I'm completely loving the classy/spooky "Hollywood Tower of Terror" feel that they have. I'm definitely giving trees a chance to join us before Christmas from now on.

Oh Halloween Tree
Oh Halloween Tree
How lovely are
Thy cobwebs.

. . . . . . . . . .

very spooktacular! now we have a poem for you...
oh ellie g, oh ellie g, how much us three do love thee!!  heehee
less cake {more frosting} is the place to go when you need a good laugh, a yummy recipe or ideas for turning something blah into something fabulous!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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