Today's Guest: Jen Johnson

We are so excited to have our friend Jen Johnson back this year!
She has great style and it seems like everything she makes just turns out adorable!
(including her kids!)
see what i mean?
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B O O !
I love eighteen25. LOVE. So, I'm really honored to share a little project here today. I have two super simple, super easy decorations... they almost don't need any instructions!
First, let's talk about the B O O letters.
Materials needed:
I got the big paper mache letters (24") and the green yarn at Joann's. The spiders were from Michael's.
1.  I started by hot gluing the end of the yarn to the back of the letter. And then comes the fun part! Wrap the yarn around the letters. Wrap, wrap, wrap. It's a good thing to do while you watch a few shows you've DVR'd.  It takes a little while to cover those big letters!
2.  The "B" was a little tricky. It takes some creative wrapping and hot gluing to get the yarn in a few places. My "B" is definitely not perfect. Don't look too close :)
3.  It took 3 skeins of yarn to cover all three letters.
4.  I tied a piece of ribbon to the leg of the spider and tied it to a piece of yarn at the top of the "O." 
After I put the letters on the ledge in my kitchen, they looked a little lonely. A banner to the rescue! This one took less than 5 minutes. I love fast :)
I got the streamers at Party City. They had a great selection of colors. 
All I did was cut a length of the streamer, fold the top over a ribbon, and staple. Easy.
I love how the streamers move when the air conditioner is on. Which is a lot, since it's still 105 degrees here :) 
Happy Halloween decorating!!


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you'll want to stop by jen's blog... including some of my favorite posts... kate's adorable nursery... her Christmas trees... and her frames that she switches out for the holidays!

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