Today's Guest: Brown Paper Packages

Hello friends!  I'm Kierste, the girl from brown paper packages, and I am absolutely delighted to be here at eighteen25 today, and participating in the fantastic Spooktacular September event. 

As much as I love summer, I love fall even more, especially because it's the start of the holiday season. Halloween is a favorite at our house--the decorations, parties, costumes, and the candy! Today I'm excited to share with you a super fun way to hold all the candy that's sure to make its way into your house. 

Aren't they adorable? They are also SO easy to make, and I'm going to tell you how!

  •  brown craft boxes (I found the boxes at Hobby Lobby for less than $10 for all three--sized 5, 6, and 7 inches)
  • spray paint
  • 1 1/2 inch wooden knobs (bought these at Home Depot)
  • ribbon
  • sandpaper/power sander
  • Liquid Nails or other strong adhesive
  • vinyl lettering

1. Spray your boxes and wooden knobs black, and let dry completely.  Take your sandpaper or power sander and gently rough up the edges and fronts of both the boxes and knobs. Using a damp cloth, wipe off all the excess dust.

2. Using double stick tape, adhere the ribbon to the edge of the largest box's lid, and tie a knot at one corner.

3.  Add the vinyl (I used the Greer font) to the fronts of your boxes. You could also use foam stamps (I came *this* close to using mine), or print the text on cardstock then mat on cute scrapbook paper.

4. Add the knobs using Liquid Nails or other strong adhesive (i.e. hot glue).

Here's where you have a few options...

a. Add a knob to the top box only, and stack the three boxes. (as shown above)

b.  Add a knob to the biggest box and the smallest box, and stack like this:

c.  Add knobs to all three boxes!

You can also make just one larger box instead of all three...

Now the question is, how long will the candy last?  :)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

if i only make the small box, we only need to keep a little bit of candy, so it will be gone a lot faster, right? who am i kidding, i'll probably end up making 2 sets and not telling the kids what's in them. thanks for participating kierste!
head on over to brown paper packages to check out all of the fun DYI projects kierste has to share. and don't miss out on her back 2 basics series going on right now! (we'll be participating next week)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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