we have a bunch of winners!!

we have
two lucky winners of a $100.00 gift certificate
toward any love touch collection piece


1.  Amanda 

"I participated! I'd LOVE the fingerprints of my kiddos!"

2. cgrider

"I love mama! 20 weeks along there seems to be nothing more fitting!"

please email us at eighteen25(at)live(dot)com within 48hrs.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

now on to our 6 fossil bag winners...
we enjoyed each and every one of your comments. i couldn't help picturing you all at a miss america/universe contest. everyone dressed in their fancy evening gowns crossing the stage and yelling into the microphone.... hi i'm so&so from city&state!! (you all looked gorgeous by the way :))
and it's always so fun to learn about little bits of you so thanks so much for sharing!!!

onto the winners.


"I soooo love your girls!!! I'm not surprised that you've hit 10,000 members...you girls are AMAZING!!!" 

2.  Tara

"Tara from Midway, UT, although I claim Las Vegas as my home (born and raised until 3 years ago). I like to do a little graphic design at nights when my kids finally give in and go to sleep. It's my outlet!"


Hi, Jana from Rochester NY. I have loved your blog since you posted all the fun summer projects ages ago. Painting with Corn Syrup is still one of my FAVORITE activities to do with my kiddo's!

4.Trevor and Shaylise Bowen

"Hey! I'm Shaylise, from Malad, Idaho! I love this blog! Fun fact about me right now... My hubby comes home in 4 weeks from 6 months training in the army! Thanks for the fun giveaway!"

5.Jenny @ An Apple for the Crafter

"Congratulations on the big milestone girls! I'm Jenny from Alexandria, VA and I can't get enough of your ideas and printables. Keep up the good work."

6. Sam Bell

"Hi, my name is Sam. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Yes, I am a guy, but my wife LOVES your blog and has done lots of cute crafts with our kids that has been a benefit to all of us, so that means I also love your blog. I was just online getting anniversary gift ideas and saw your blog open in another window. I think it might have been a hint about this purse. How cool would it be that I won it for her from YOUR blog. Thoughtful right?? Major husband points. You are seriously famous in our house, so this would be perfect!!"

winners please email us at eighteen25(at)live(dot)com within 48 hours. please include your top three favorite bags. but be fast.... because first come first serve!! :)

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