oh! happy day!

earlier this week,
hit 10,000 members
and we could not be more excited!!

we need to celebrate...
and in these parts...
 when we need to celebrate, it includes
dinner & one of these...

(fossil key-per bag)

or any of these....

all year, the girls in this family have been treated to dinner and a fossil bag for their birthday.
it really has been so.much.fun.
in fact....
we went a little crazy and grabbed a few more bags for some of our readers!

want to win one?

* just leave us a comment!  tell us who you are, where you visit us from
and share a little something about yourself that you think we should know.

for example:
hello! jennifer, jamie & jodie here from las vegas, nv.  
we love to blog and it's because of great people like you!

we will announce the winner this sunday!!

thank you!
thank you!!
thank you!!!
for being such awesome readers and friends!!

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