back to school fashion show...

did anyone have a back to school fashion show?

we are happy to report that our show this year was a huge success!
(we hope yours was too!)

here is a play by play of how the evening went...

sandwiches are always on the menu for dinner.
but this year, we tried these yummy treasures that have been all over pinterest. 


trust me,
you'll want to try both of these (but my favorite is the ham and swiss).

after dinner was finished settling,
all of the clothes got laid out in the "dressing rooms".
grandma always has the horrible task of dressing the kids
while the moms and dads find a comfy seat and get the cameras ready.


the first round is so funny.
the kids are embarrassed
  and not really sure what to do or say
(minus cade).
so, we warm them up by asking them some questions...
what's your name? what grade are you going into? who's your teacher?
and we always make them do a slow spin.

this year, a few of the kids got to pick out an outfit from 

p.s.  if you are searching for some unique, cute, quality made clothing....look no further!
each of us were VERY happy with their clothing....even after washing.


just in case you were wondering....

these cute backpacks accompanied some of the kiddos to school...

we fell in love with the dwell backpacks from layla grace because of the trendy patterns
and the wipe-able material they are made out of.
we just knew they would be perfect for our newbies at school!

(everything is fantastic at layla grace....when you get some time, go browse here.)

we ended the night on a super sweet note!

the kids were able to overindulge with ice cream sundaes/banana splits,
and hot cinnamon rolls.
(i won't lie, the adults did too!) 

in case you have yet to have your fashion show....

wait. no. more!

the very nice people from tea collection want to make sure you do!
they are giving one eighteen25 follower a

$200.00 gift certificate!

ummm... h e l l o.... that's like a seriously fun shopping spree!

here's how to enter:

go to the tea collection website and choose your most favorite outfit.
(women's, children or baby....whichever you like best)

then, come back and tell us!

that's it!
(aren't they so nice?)

we will announce the winner sunday.
 (along with the winner from jo totes)


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