We wanted to let you how happy we are with how well the bake sale went. It ended up being a very special day. A day we'll probably always remember. So many people came together to show their love and support for a family in need. The local news, channel 8, came by and spent a good 2 hours interviewing people and getting to know the Grimshaw's story. Then Rob, Amber and their girls were able to come by and be interviewed themselves. They were so touched and grateful for everyone's generosity on their behalf.
Please watch this video.
You'll get a glimpse of the kind of man Rob is. And when he talks about all the people behind him, know that that includes all of you that have donated, shared medical information, left encouraging messages and prayed for him and his family.

Rob and Amber will be meeting with two different doctors this week. One in Phoenix and one in Texas. Please say a special prayer that one of these doctors will be the right one for Rob.

For those interested,
this Saturday will be the Ride or Run for Robi.
we will also continue to sell raffle tickets here on the blog for about another week.
Thank you so much for your help.

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