{new product} letterpress

today we want to introduce you to a new gadget.
it's called a letterpress and it's by...

a few weeks ago they sent us one to play with and let me tell you.
what a fun machine....i'm not kidding you!
and it doesn't take a genius or a computer whiz to figure out.

in fact, take a look at what we came up with in a few easy steps...

1.  choose your color and roll on your paint.

2.  roll the paint on your printing plate.

3.  lay your plate or lettering with your paper on the platform.  close and roll through the letterpress.

(doesn't that look professional...if, i do say so myself)

4.  we cut two slits for a little sleeve.

5.  ran it back through to add a little congratulations.

6.  we added a benjamin and of course, some twine.
(hallmark has nothing on this)

and a few note cards...

and if the letterpress isn't cool enough?
the lifestyle crafts website will make you giddy.
take a look...
popcorn boxcracker boxcupcake stand

        dessert box             ring cupcake liner         love folding card

see what i mean!

once you get your hands on the letterpress 
you will want to follow their blog.
for some goodness, such as this...

(images take from lifestyle crafts blog)

i know what you're thinking.....so cute!!

there's great news... because lifestyle crafts is offering 20% off all purchases on their website when you enter the code eighteen25!! hurry over the discount is good until June 15th!
and please... 
check out their website
browse through their blog
go tell them on facebook what a wonderful product(s) they have...

cause, you know it's true!

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