God Bless America

the vision for this project started out as one thing... and ended up as something totally different.
i was inspired to try this project when i came across these canvases on pinterest.
cute right?

well... i am in need of some 4th of July decorations and from what i've seen... not a single store around here sells any. not even my most favorite store in the world, target.

so i grabbed:
a 12x12 canvas
white spray paint
and some small wooden letters - found at hobby lobby

then i simply spelled out what i wanted it to say and glued it down.

then i took it out back in the wee hours of the morning before it was 10,ooo degrees outside and gave it a couple coats of white paint.

then i brought it inside and looked at it... and then stared at it... and then looked at it some more. it turned out exactly how i had pictured it... but it was just looking so dang boring.

so i figured, what the heck. lets glitterize it.
 i painted the top of the letters with glue and sprinkled on the glitter. leaving of course the word bless just plain white. then i took a paper mache star and glitterized it too.  i glued the star to the top and then i started to stare at it. and then i looked at it and stared some more.

now i'm thinking i kinda like the plain white.
or do i???

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