{Subway Art} Graduation + tutorial

we hope this isn't coming to you too late. we didn't have any graduates this year and weren't too sure when the majority of graduations were. if you'd like to personalize your print to specific school colors, we're sharing a photoshop elements tutorial for doing just that.

download the way it is (no black border)

step one:  open file as a photoshop [PSD] document. select the first layer you would like to change. 

step two:  go to edit>fill layer

step three:  under contents, you want to use color

step four:  choose the color you want to use for that layer

step five:  make sure the opacity is at 100% and make sure the Preserve Transparency box is checked at the bottom. Then hit OK

step six: your layer should now be a new color. select the next layer you want to change and repeat the steps.

step seven:  continue until all of your layers are changed

step eight:  click on the more button and select flatten image

step nine:  go to file>save as and save your new document... make sure to save it as a JPEG this time

then send it off to be printed as an 8x10 or 16x20.
Find an Update for 2014 HERE!

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