Cabochon Bookmarks

as much as us girls want to call these conchobon bookmarks
(since that's what we've been calling them for the past year or so)
they are really called cabochons. which means...
a gem or bead cut in convex form and highly polished but not faceted.
(i really like conchobons better)
but, whatever you decide to call them, today we're going to share a way to turn them into pretty little bookmarks.

found HERE at PinkyNoodles etsy shop
large paper clips and metal buttons found HERE at everything ribbons
E-6000 glue also found HERE

just dab some E-6000 glue onto the paper clip glue pad and place cabochon on until dry.
you can also attach a scrap piece of fabric to the metal buttons and attach those to the paper clips too.
for extra cuteness... spray paint paper clips with your favorite colors (priming first, of course)

and there you have it... yumminess holding your spot in a book.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And to our beautiful mother, Becky...


we love you!! hope you have a great day!!

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