an event you won't want to miss...

guess what?!?!

you all remember the paper coterie, right?
(how could you forget?)

today is their open house!!

you know what this means?
some really cool stuff is going on over there!

cool stuff like:
everyone that completes a project in their shopping cart gets a $40.00 credit
you can go be inspired and uplifted
they are having an awesome keynote address by author Dr. Brene Brown

wanna hear a secret?
this event is invite only....but they love us, so all eighteen25-ers are invited.
 just click here.
and...a little birdie told us...
they are going to extend the $40.00 credit till may 6th.
so, if you order and use the code (found over on their website) before friday you are safe!

Oh Baby

Best Of Friends  Our Baby Boy

i'm sure you have some stuff to buy!!

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