[Silhouette Project] st. patrick's t-shirts

(yes someone is sassy... and needs her bangs cut)

Do you have your green shirts ready for the BIG day??
We pulled out the silhouette and our favorite product, the heat transfer and whipped up a few.


products used: Silhouette Flocked Heat Transfer in white + green t-shirt
fonts usedCowboys + Serifa BT
Type LUCKY in the font Serifa BT. The size is shown in the above photo. You will also need to adjust the Character Spacing too.

 U is in the font Cowboys. Size is shown above. 

Right click and select Mirror Vertically.
After you have your image cut you need to peel away the excess.

Then just center it on your shirt where you want it. With a thin rag on top use the iron to heat the transfer.
Then comes a little secret we've found helpful. Let it cool. Then peel back the backing. If you come across a part that hasn't adhered to the shirt yet, just repeat the steps until everything sticks.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


products used: Silhouette Flocked Heat Transfer in black + Silhouette Polka Dot Shamrock (from online store) + green t-shirt

PINCH is in the font Mr. and Mrs. Popsicle. Size and Character Spacing shown above.
PROOF is in the font Poster Bodoni BT. Size shown above.
Open the Polka Dot Shamrock and size as shown.
Highlight all three items, right-click and Group them together.
Right-click and select Mirror Vertically. Then cut and iron-on using the tips above!

One of a kind t-shirts in no time!!
Gotta love it!


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