{giveaway} ModTots

guess what?!?

today is a good day...you wanna know why?

well, i bet you've heard of ModTots....
if you haven't, take a peek at some of what they do.


gregg from ModTots is creating
 "clean, modern, and minimalist art for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers
 that is aesthetically pleasing to both parents and children."

so cute, right?

and there are so many more...

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

something that's fun...
you can customize yours by choosing the background colors on any of them!

gregg and megan are awesome people to work with!
they are so friendly and man, they are funny!
just take a few minutes on their blog and you'll know what i'm talking about...
plus, you will get to read all the inside scoop on their new products
& the names of their brand new creations.
(if you are the first to purchase, you get to name the creation after you're very own child.  read more about it here.)

something else that's fun...
ModTots wants to give one of our followers a $100.00 gift certificate!
you have 3 chances to win
here's how:

first entry- head over to ModTots and pick your top two favorites.  then, come on back and tell us in the comments your choices.

second entry-  like ModTots on facebook and tell them hello and a big thanks.

third entry- follow them on twitter.

and for all of you that can't wait to make your purchase
ModTots is giving you a 10% off discount!
all you have to do is enter eighteen25 at checkout.
(offer will expire sunday, april 10th, which is one week after we announce the winner...yippee!)

good luck and we will announce the winner sunday!

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