{birthday week} the twinery giveaway

i'm thinking birthday gifts....

i'm thinking wrapping birthday gifts....

i'm thinking...is there a cuter way to tie up those gifts than with some bakers twine?

i. don't. think. so.


(images from the twinery blog)

we're thinking and they're thinking....someone needs some baker's twine!

not just some, like the whole stinking collection!
eleven large spools
(that's $154.00 value, in case you were wondering)

so cool, right?
now. how to enter.
1. leave us a comment about how much you love the twinery!
or for another chance..
2. head over to their facebook and "like" them.
want one more way?
. . . . . . . . . .

we LOVE the sweet people at the twinery.
  head over to their shop to get the goods!
if you aren't the lucky lady or fella
no worries!
because they want to make sure your gifts are wrapped up cute too...
and why wouldn't they be when they're offering a 20% off discount?

just enter EIGHTEEN25 at checkout.
(offer valid until midnight on friday, march 18, 2011 - extended till midnight on sunday, march 20th)

and, please head over to their blog and give them a big thanks...
i'm thinking like a $154.00 value big thanks....wouldn't you agree?

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