Valentine Candy Dishes

want a cute way to display your valentine candy?
or have a special someone that you need a little something for?

we have just the thing...
Valentine Candy Dishes

here's what you do:

-a cute bowl or dish (we found ours at target)
-a candlestick holder (we always find ours at thrift shops)
-spray paint (if you choose to paint your candlestick)
-E6000 glue

-paint your candlestick and let it dry.
-adhere your candlestick to your bowl or dish with the E6000 and leave to dry for 24 hours.
-(we usually put something heavy on top to get a tight seal)
-fill it with your favorite valentine candy
and waa-laa!
ready to gift or keep.
so  sweet.
so so simple.

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