You Gotta See This!

for last year's valentines we totally jumped on the bandwagon and made the tootsie pop valentines.
i gotta admit. who ever thought of this idea is genius!
they were the cutest valentine's ever and i'm not sure if we'll ever top them.

but we will try.
(the idea for these originally came froHERE. thanks for letting us know Char.)

here are some ideas we are considering for this year. :)

i believe i came across these over on pinterest.
the perfect boy valentine.

2.  I Dig You
so... super cute!

3. I "wheelie" like you.
too, too fun!!

i think i might do this for my hubby. he can always use new socks. :)

5. Don't Ever Change
chocolate coins are the best. :)

how fun!! and super cheap!!

7.  clothespin valentines
so cute!!

8. The Best Crush
another great Valentine using a cute picture!

9. M&M Bottles
i'd love to give these out to all my friends.
they also make me want to redo all my valentine decorations in grey and pink!

10. And of course our
(we also have a few more ideas up our sleeve... we'll be sharing next week)

So have you decided what you'll be doing for Valentine's this year??
We'd love to hear... or even better see them!!

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