{Giveaway} Just Be

todays giveaway is from the one & only...

the creators behind just be are very special to us.

jen is our "chosen" sister and we tease that she makes up our group eighteen26.  
she has some serious style and it totally shows in all that she does.


amber is the mother to 4 boys: tanner, carson, crew & greyson.
she is the most laid back friend we have and our newest addition to our summer flea market trip.

together they come up with some of the cutest jewelry and home decor.

you must check these out...


and they can do just about any custom handstamped jewelry...


lucky for us, they want to giveaway one of my favorites for valentine's day.
it's their "lucky fortune" necklace 
(and they'll customize it to say whatever you want + stick it in a fortune cookie + box it up in a take out box to go!)

 to enter:
for one entry - leave a comment
for two entries - leave a comment and become a follower of just be on facebook
(please remember to participate in all giveaways, you must be an eighteen25 follower)

to check out all the fun stuff they have going on visit just be on:

we hope the luck is with you now and around your neck later!
we'll let you know on sunday!

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