the gift wrap caddy

take a look at this nifty idea.
if you are a lover of sonic (like me) your eyes will be drawn to this...

...but let me introduce you to the rest of this cleverness (is that even a word?).

this would be a gift wrap caddy.
my friend, stacia, gave it to me the other night.
isn't she so creative?

it is stuffed full of 
tissue paper
curling ribbon
gift tags
cute pens (that write so nice)
a notebook
and a sonic gift card

stop by your local sonic or other fast food chain
and grab yourself some cup holders.
(and a route 44)

then fill it full of goods.
pass them out to all your friends
for their late night gift wrapping.
and they will think you are so cool,
just as cool as my friend stacia is.

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