Pumpkin Party

Remember how I told you awhile ago about how I LOVE traditions.
Well one of my favorites is right around the corner.

our annual

This is a tried and true fun family night.
This one's been around for like 7 or 8 years!! So it's a keeper!

I hope you will have your own Pumpkin Party so I've put together some tips for you:

1. Have everyone bring their own pumpkin and a pumpkin cutting kit.
2. Keep the leftovers of those cutting kits in a Ziploc baggie for next year.
3. Use dollar store plastic tablecloths for a super quick clean up of the mountains of pumpkin guts!
4. Have either pumpkin carving stencils or sharpies so people can draw their designs on their pumpkins.
5. Be sure to stock up on candles and matches.
6. Take lots of pictures. Most importantly take a picture of all the finished pumpkins and one with everyone with their masterpieces!

We'll chat about the menu tomorrow.

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