Today's Guest: Craftaholics Anonymous

Today we are super excited to have Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous here with us!! If you think you may be addicted to crafts, you'll definitely want to check out her blog. She has a little bit of everything to help feed your addiction.


ok, i'm totally stoked to be guesting  here on eigheen25! especially with a Halloween #2 is due right before Halloween..... so Halloween is pretty much a big deal at our house this year. don't laugh but i made and hung this wreath on my door in August. i'm so pathetic! but that's how excited i am for the baby Halloween to come! haha

black burlap Halloween wreath

this is a super easy, fun wreath to make. plus it doesn't take long from start to finish.

  • 1 yards of black burlap cut into 1"x16" strips {i used a rotary cutter, but if you want to prevent most of the loose strands on your wreath, you could use this burlap cutting technique.}
  • 14" foam wreath ring
  • black paint {i used craft paint, but spray paint would work, too}
  • your SPOoKIEST findings to adorn this fab wreath

 paint your wreath ring black to hide the green under the burlap.

 when the paint dries, tie the burlap strips around the ring with a double knot.

 overlap the strips a little and bunch them together so you have a full wreath.keep adding strips and arranging until you like the overall look of the wreath. i also staggered the knots to give it a messy look.
*note: if you have to untie a strip, don't plan to use it again. the burlap will basically be shredded.*

 embellish with your SPOoKIEST finds. 
i used wooden letters, painted them black, and then mod podged Halloween paper to them. i attached them to the wreath by hot gluing the letters to the wreath base. {this requires pushing the burlap ends out of the way}

 and there you have a fun Halloween wreath! yay!

please stop by my blog, Craftaholics Anonymous and check out my other Halloween tutorials and crafts. i got some witch shoes you're gonna love!! happy crafting!
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Thanks Linda, for adding to our spooktacular fun. We're pretty excited for you and your new little addition coming soon. Hope all goes well.

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