Today's Guest: Becky Higgins

Today's guest is none other than the scrapbook queen herself, Becky Higgins!
If you haven't been to her blog lately you should really check it out!  You'll find lots of great ideas... She has a recipe section, filled with tried and true recipes (i think i've tried most of them! yum!) and then over on her actual blog she shares creative ideas for your scrapbooking, home decor, photography and crafty projects.


Hello, and Happy September! I'm so happy to be visiting here on eighteen25 and appreciate all the fun talent & ideas already shared this month so far. Such a fun way to get us all in the mood for Fall. Thanks girls!

Speaking of Fall, click over and check out this post on my blog for oodles of pictures of our own Fall decorating this year.

So for today ... another DIY project to inspire your Fall wheels to be a-turnin' in your head. This one is ridiculously simple. We all need simple, right? This is the finished project:

What you need:

- picture frame with or without a mat
- a sheet of patterned paper
- small pumpkins or gourds (you can find a variety of these at your local craft store)
- hot glue gun
- water ... because we need to stay hydrated while crafting
- candy corn to snack on ... because that will for sure put you in a Fall mood!


Step 1: Take your frame apart. The glass goes buh-bye for this project, but don't throw it away. You never know when you'll use the frame again for an actual photo or some flat something ... so just store the glass in a safe place.


Step 2: Trim your patterned paper to the size that fits your frame - and mat, if you're using a mat. Put both of these, together, down on your working surface.


Step 3: Get your little pumpkins all situated (or gourds or plastic spiders or leaves or ... whatever you gathered). Absolutely positively no gluing yet. Just fiddle with your arrangement until is just right.


Step 4: Use the beloved hot glue gun to work your magic and hold it all in place. One at a time, place your pieces permanently in their little spots. Why oh why is it that we find so much joy in using a hot glue gun ladies?


Step 5: Eat a few candy corns. And sip more water.


Step 6: Re-assemble your frame and place amongst your other Fall decor. Which, for me, means that I put it in a few different spots before I decide to leave it there. At least for a few days until it gets moved to another spot. ; )




And remember ... this project doesn't have to be a collection or a grid of several little things.
You could try just one fun item.



Okay, my fun is up! It's time for me to skip back over to my blog. But one last thing: I love doing giveaways on my blog, so I'll sprinkle a bit of that fun here at eighteen25 while I'm already in the neighborhood. Project Life is a kit that encourages not only doing something with our photos but also encourages us all to savor the little moments and blessings in our lives. I'd like to giveaway a Project Life kit (which happens to be on sale here) to one of you eighteen25 readers! Simply leave a comment on this post and the cute girls here will announce a winner on Saturday.
Thanks for having me. ; )


Thanks Becky!! Love this idea! And what an awesome giveaway!!

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