font names.... finally

many of you have asked for them.
and i'm so sorry it's taken so long, but better late than never, right?
 here are the font names for the teacher appreciation quick and cheesy tags.

you are o"fish"ally the best.
you, are, the, best: font - little days
o"fish"ally: font - gentle redhead

you are scent-sational
you, are: font - little days
scent-sational: font- pharmacy

my teacher is AW-esome
my, is: font - dreamed about you
teacher: font - monster paparazzi
AW-esome: font - smiley monster

you deserve chocolate. (thanks for all you do)
you, thanks, for, all, you, do: font - serifa BT
deserve: font - script MT Bold
chocolate: font - elise

i don't have the exact location where you can download all these fonts. but i'm 95% sure if you google them they'd be pretty easy to find and the best part... they should be free!

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