summer craft ideas (part one)

a couple years ago, the three of us gathered our kids together once a week for craft day. craft day usually included a fun craft, some food (of course) and the kids taking off to go play with each other as soon as they were done.

this week we will be sharing some of the crafts that we made. with summer break just around the corner, they might come in real handy.

today's craft:  black magic art
(idea found here)

what you need:
* light colored cardstock
* crayons
* sponge brush
* black acrylic paint
* something to etch with (fork, toothpick...)

first step:  using your crayons, get a lot of color on your cardstock. the more the better. dust off all wax when you're done coloring.

second step: squeeze some paint right onto your picture. spread out with foam brush. once dry, apply a second coat.

third step: once paint is dry, etch a picture onto the paper so that your crayon art underneath shows through.

and here's all of our art...

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