pinwheels (the non-spinning kind)

I thought I should probably introduce myself. I'm Jamie. The middle sister. I'm the one in charge of creating stuff on the computer to share with you all. I'm not the one that sews. I don't even own a sewing machine. As a matter of fact... to do the sewing on this project, I had to use one of the travel sewing kits I took from a hotel a year ago (i bagged a kit every day we were there - so i'm good for a couple more projects).

For this one...
start with an assortment of 9" x 12" felt sheets (only 29 cents at the craft store)
cut 3" x 3" squares (each pinwheel uses two different colored squares)

put together the two colors for your pinwheel
then cut 1.5" slits at each corner going in towards the center
(do not go all the way in)

if you want to use thread and needle...
thread your needle and knot the end.
then push the needle up through the center of your squares

next, go up through every other corner.

until you've gone through four of the corners...
place a button in the center of your pinwheel and sew up and down through it a couple times.
knot the thread in the back.
and last, hot glue your barrette onto the back.

the next one i made was completely hot glued together.
that went a little faster. :)

and here's the finished project....

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