you've been egged {free download}

this is such a fun way to surprise someone you care about!
take a couple dozen eggs and fill them with candy and little toys.
then take a couple strips of paper and write little notes for each member of the family you are egging. just a simple message telling them why you think they are awesome. add the slips of papers in the eggs.

now take your eggs and scatter them all over their yard.
 (if they don't have a yard you could just fill a basket and put it on their doorstep)
take your you've been egged sign and tape it to their front for the real fun part.
ring that doorbell and run as fast as you can!  :)
can you imagine how much fun the family will have hunting eggs and then enjoying the treats inside. especially the handwritten notes about each of them.  too fun!!
please download your "you've been egged" sign HERE.

(sign has been saved as an 8.5 x 11 document for easy at-home printing)

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