Easter countdown

here is a super easy idea for an easter countdown.

here is what you'll need:

1. an empty egg carton
2. 12 plastic easter eggs
3. a little easter grass
4. some number stickers or rub-ons
now follow these easy steps:
1. add a number to each egg.
2. stuff some grass down into each hole.
3. stuff your eggs with candy or little papers with activities written on them.
4. stick an egg in each hole.
5. enjoy counting down the days leading up to easter.

some ideas of fun easter activities:

1. dye easter eggs.
2. make egg shaped sugar cookies.
3. read an easter story.
4. visit the easter bunny.
5. have an easter egg hunt.
6. watch an easter movie.
7. send an easter card to someone you love.
8. color an easter picture or two. free coloring sheets can be found here or here.
9. do an easter craft.
10. create a bunny hutch cookie house like this.

(idea inspired by the family fun magazine)

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